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BASEL FORTY – Carshalton Athletic FC

Posted in Uncategorized by stuartnoel on September 8, 2010

“Jealousy is nothing more than a fear of abandonment”

For a number of reasons I found myself standing in the bar at the War Memorial Sports Ground in SM5 at 7.35pm instead of in row 3 behind the goal at the St Jakobs Park in Basel last night.  It is a long story that involved very early flights, lots of work and the fear of rain.  But that is all for another day.  Dagenham Dan had taken up the baton, and his story can be heard later this week, but having finished my reports, collected the kids from school and basically topped up on the chores account, been allowed to choose a game for the evening.

There was no real choice to be truthful.  I needed something within an hour of home (as it was 6.30pm when the necessary CMF paperwork had been completed) that I had not visited before, thus ruling out everyone in the Rymans Premier bar one (There would have been two but Tooting & Mitcham’s game versus Croydon Athletic had been postponed as the latter dealt with the fall out from the Pakistan match fixing allegations)..and that was Carshalton Athletic. (more…)

SEE URCHINS – AFC Hornchurch

Posted in Uncategorized by stuartnoel on August 11, 2010

“And so the end is near”…with just a few days left until the start of the Premier League and Non-league seasons there was still time to fit in one more friendly.  And could we have found a better one that just across the water in the heart of the Essex commuter land.  Hornchurch has some interesting memories for me.  A few years before the beautiful CMF came into my life I dated an Essex girl.  Well, dated was stretching it a bit.  Culture was not high on her agenda, but she knew every lay by in and around Upminster and Hornchurch.  Her Dad worked next to Hornchurch Stadium and threatened me on a number of occasions to “take me daarn the Urchins”.  Somehow I managed to avoid that treat as by all accounts the place was a “right dump”.  Before I incur the wrath of any Hornchurch fans this was in 1992 – some time before the club hit the highs and then the lows of the mid-2000’s. (more…)


Posted in Uncategorized by stuartnoel on August 7, 2010

One year ago to the day EFW’s Danny Last rang me up.  “Stu” he said “I’ve got a plan.  Let’s sponsor a couple of players, make it into a competition and have some fun.”  Never one to turn down a challenge nor missing an opportunity to put something back into the grass roots of the game, we came up with the EFW/TBIR Challenge and picked two players at Lewes who we would both sponsor, and like a real life fantasy football, would award them points for their contributions.  You can read about the rules here.

As we know the season was a tough one for Lewes and both Sam Crabb and Ryan Storrie found themselves squeezed out of the first team and both deciding to seek their chances elsewhere.  So we put the cup back in the trophy cabinet, and the champagne on ice, trying to work out a way to award it to the winner. (more…)