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DOWN BY THE JETTY – Canvey Island

Posted in Uncategorized by stuartnoel on July 25, 2010

Some 30 miles from the centre of London in an easterly direction you will find Vange Creek which separates mainland Essex to the alluvial island known as Canvey Island. Formed from silt in the Holocene period on a bed of old red sandstone the island actually sits below the mean sea level meaning that it is highly vulnerable to flooding (look who got an A in O-Level Geography). Canvey Island today sits almost like its own little community, facing the Isle of Sheppy across the water, and just downstream from the Oil refineries of Isle of Grain. Hardly the best panorama in the world, but who cares. Any place that has a 17th century pub featured in Great Expectations called the Lobster Smack is good in my books,  which we of course decided to visit in the course of our research and found a jolly decent place, although the website did give it a Waetherspoons feel (“We sell wine!”) which it certainly isn’t.

Canvey Island is today home to not one, but two teams playing at level 7 in the English game. Last May, Concord Rangers won promotion to the Rymans Premier League with a win over East Thurrock United and thus resurrect two Christmas derbies with their more famous neighbours Canvey Island FC.  On a hot sunny day with trees for a perfect rural backdrop where could be better to watch a game? (more…)